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Victorian Sofa

What a transformation! This beautiful piece was brought to us by a customer in High Point. It has been in the family for a long time and what a privilege it was to bring this beautiful sofa back to life. Our team did an amazing job, all the way around. From re-webbing and re-tieing the springs, to pattern matching the cushions, to tufting the inside back panels, the team came together to produce this beautiful, transformed sofa. [caption id="attachment_50803" align="alignnone" width="300"] Before and after[/caption]...

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Custom Transitional Chairs

These chairs were a blast to work on. From the design aspect to the application of the materials. It all started with an email and a photo. The client wanted two chairs made from the provided picture. The finished product provided a very comfortable sit with an elegant look. A combination that every designer wants for their client. The frames were made with 5/4 dry kiln maple, doweled joinery, and an eco-friendly water based glue. The seating consisted of eight way hand tied springs that will provide a comfortable sit for years to come. *If you are interested in having these chairs duplicated, feel free to call for pricing* *Customer would provide own material (COM)*...

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As I sit here today and write this post, I am blown away at how far this business has come. Three short years ago I out grew the "shop" behind my house and moved into a 1200 square foot building. Prior to that, I had worked for seven years, mostly by myself, doing all aspects of the trade. Stripping the old fabric off, cutting the new material, sewing, and eventually upholstering the sofa or whatever it was that I was working on. Those were the days where the business was being established and the foundation was being laid. Brick by brick, piece by piece. Long days alone, with a dream in mind. Fast forward to today. Having out grown the 1200 square foot shop and now occupying 4000 square feet with...

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